Cards Punto Zero


This KIT includes 2 CARDS, which you can keep both for yourself or give one as a gift.

These Cards have the Matrix Design with the 4 most common shapes of the Universe: Sphere, Double Spiral, Lightning and Hexagons.

To use this Card means to resonate with the Universal Matrix or

Consciousness and it is for this reason that this Card responds to your intentions and is a revolution in Dowsing / Radionics.

In fact, with this design you can do any dowsing work and get any kind of rebalancing instantly.

Specifically with these cards you can:

  • Balance your Chakras in just a few moments, just ask the Card to rebalance a specific chakra or all, both for you and for others.
  • Remove the Geopathies (Hartmann knots, curry ...) in your home, just ask "Zero Point Card, remove the Geopathies in this house", you can check with the Biotensor the Absence of Geopathies after the request.
  • Create any homeopathic remedy instantly, just put the card under a glass of water or simply ask to transform the water into the homeopathic product you want
  • You can do any type of Radioesthetic work in just a few moments, just ask and check the effectiveness with specific quadrants and a pendulum or even a kinesiological test.
  • Generally you can ask for whatever you want, from resolving emotional conflicts or attracting what you want into your life.

We have hundreds of testimonials on the use of these Matrices, from people who have solved physical or emotional problems and much more.

This is certainly one of the most beautiful

The convenience of this Card is that you can always carry it with you, it is as big as a Mastercard, so you can safely put it in your wallet.

Included in the price you will be enrolled in the ZERO POINT SCHOOL with over 22 videos constantly updated, where you can learn how to use these matrices and you can read more than 500 stories testimonials that can inspire you to make the most of it.

Cash on Delivery is not eligible outside of Italy


In 6/7 working days you can have an Incredible Card at home able to respond to your requests.