Zero Point Machine

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The Zero Point Machine is a unique device in the World, able to respond to your intentions and communicate with your Soul. Where before in dowsing it took various procedures and graphics to get energetic results, with this device you do everything instantly.


  1. It helps you remember dreams, people who haven't remembered their dreams for years have started to remember their dreams every day just by putting the car next to the bed. Do you have a specific problem to solve and want to find the solution? Ask the Machine to give you the solution in a dream and it often happens! The same is true if you want to have Lucid Dreams!
  2. You can rebalance your chakras in a few seconds, either with intentions or by using the machine on the body, 100% of the time an instant rebalancing occurs that you can verify yourself with dowsing quadrants, if you want a dowsing kit complete with advice to add the radiesthesia kit to your order.
  3. Greater centering and intensity in your meditations, with the machine you rebalance the hemispheres to the maximum and quickly, if you do meditation this tool is fantastic, we have dozens of testimonies of people who regularly meditate and have confirmed that with the machine you can reach a ' greater intensity and in less time.
  4. You can  stimulate the Biophotons in your body, this tool emits Biophotons, I have dozens of testimonies of physical healing, from migraines, back pain to insomnia. I call this self-healing, but the results are sometimes truly exceptional. You can also use magnets to send biophotons to localized parts.
  5. Increase vital energy, just use the machine with your feet or hands for 10 minutes and immediately increase your vital energy, your cells will start to be energized, they will be charged with little electrical impulses. 8 out of 10 people can easily feel the body vibrate and the flow of energy into the BODY.
  6. Intentions amplifier, with this tool you can amplify the power of your intentions and do instant energy work. We could call it a kind of Aladdin lamp, it seems absurd over 500 testimonies confirm this function. At the Zero Point School that you will have access to with this kit, you'll find examples and tricks to launch best your intentions.
  7. Take your radioesthesia to the next level, where before it would have taken various procedures to achieve a full balance of energy , with this tool everything is instant: Rebalance Geopathic zones (Hartmann knots, Curry), energy balances for yourself and at a distance for others, and much more. . All with a simple intent and immediate results.
  8. You can use it to stimulate the third eye, the Black Antenna is the emitter of coherent photons, it represents the black sun, the center of the Universe, the pupil of our Eyes. Using the Machine in this way stimulates the electric field of the pineal gland to reactivate and achieve its perfect functionality that today is disturbed by electrosmog and non-natural lights. The third eye is intuition, it is a direct connection with our Heart, it is the mean to see REALITY. 
  9. You can create any type of Homeopathic Remedy instantly, you can create Lourdes water or any other specific water very easily, just put a bottle of Water on the device and launch your intention. In a few moments we can change the frequencies of Water, plus many times it increases its oxygenation generating bubbles. You can create any type of homeopathic product and you can check yourself the effectiveness both with the pendulum and related quadrants or by testing the product created.
  10. It acts as an amplifier on everything you put on top of it, for example you can put tarot cards on it and spread the energy of the card all over the room, or crystals, stones or whatever. If you are a Crystal Lover you will feel much more energy in the crystal after loading it onto the Point Zero Machine.
  11. We can say that there are no limits to what you can do with this device, you can invent new uses yourself, continuously on our Facebook group we experience new uses. In the Instructions Video Area you will find several videos to help you use it to the fullest.


I recommend that you take advantage of the Offer you find on this Page now, because it won't last for long.

Listen to Stefano's testimony about dreams and more.


Below you can read one of the most beautiful testimonies received, which makes us understand that The Machine acts even remotely effectively


Over 5,000 people use this device, and to some this machine has literally changed their lives, I assure you.

You will also receive an EBOOK with over 500 stories/testimonials to get Inspiration from!

Included in the price you will be enrolled in THE ZERO POINT SCHOOL with over 22 videos constantly updated,where you can learn how to get the most out of this combination, plus all the other devices I have created.


If you are resident in Italy you can also pay CASH ON DELIVERY as well as by credit card or PayPal, while if you do not reside in Italy the CASH ON DELIVERY IS NOT ACTIVE, but you can pay with any credit card or PayPal.


YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE THE ZERO POINT CARD, a Card to always carry with you to launch intentions and to do any radiesthesia work instantly.

In 6/7 working days you will receive this device unique in the world that could really change your life, it is up to you to believe in the power of your Soul and your Thoughts, this is the tool to communicate with the deepest and most powerful part of you.