Combo Alma Magnets


This Magnet Kit is one of the most powerful and useful products I have created. They are based on the connection of the 2 poles of our body, the positive pole which is the chin and the negative pole which is the back. The aim is to close the circuit.

PTry to see your bovis energy before and after the treatment.

This kit for the Alma combination consists of 3 magnets connected with copper wire + 2 small magnets.


OIn addition to the main uses below, with this magnet kit you can connect 3 Zero Point machines in series:

2 Large + One Small and Use the Magnet at the Center to do geo-localized treatments, as in the photos you find here.

With this Magnet Kit, in addition of connecting the machines in series, you can:

  • Connect your chin to your back, very effective for back pain and also headache. Dozens of testimonies collected.

  • P• You can use it with the zero point machine, just put one pole on the machine and the other on a part of the body.

  • You can create any type of Homoeopathic product instantly, as you can see in the photo, just put a glass of water on one pole and the product you want to create on the other and ask the magnets to create the homeopathic remedy.
  • Also you will receive for free 2 other magnets that you can use on your body or in the car

These magnets are truly unmissable. If you already have 2 machines you can connect them together, while if you also have the small one with 3 magnet kits you can connect everything.

Below you can read a beautiful testimony, but there are many others


Included in the price you will be enrolled in THE ZERO POINT SCHOOL cwith over 22 videos constantly updated, dwhere you can learn how to get the most out of this Magnets Kit plus all the other devices I have created.


Cash on Delivery is not eligible outside of Italy


In 6/7 working days you can have at your home this Magnets Kit